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April 21, 2021, 7:31 pm

Claim the result of SSC on the basis of PSC-JSC

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 10, 2020
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This year’s SSC candidates have announced a nationwide human chain and demonstration program on Friday (November 13) to demand that the school not be reopened until the coroner’s vaccine arrives, including the results of the SSC examination based on PSC-JSC. They are already virtually coming together through a Facebook group on the subject.

Today, Tuesday (November 10), the convener of the movement and Munshiganj Islampur Kamil Madrasa student. Mahbubur Rahman has confirmed the matter. He said the program would start at 11 am on Friday in front of the National Press Club in the capital.

In this regard, Sirajganj Road Chowrasta High School student and Facebook group admin Tanvir Ahmed Hridoy said that peaceful human chain and demonstrations will be held across the country next Friday demanding cancellation of SSC and entrance exams in Corona. The program will start at 11 am in front of the National Press Club in the capital.

“We don’t want to test for coronavirus,” he said. As long as there is fear of corona, we will have this one demand. Even then we have to take the test; Then the syllabus that we had in class nine is questioned. Because we dragged the class and got no class. So the question of that syllabus will not go with us.

Earlier on Thursday (November 5), human chain and demonstrations were held in several districts of the country, including the capital, demanding the same. Examiners have made 6 written demands from the program. The demands.

If the above demands are not complied with, the SSC examination is taken during the corona period and if anyone is positive during the examination, then the government has to take the responsibility of that student.

If it is decided not to take SSC exam, then we have to give auto promotion based on the result of PSC and JSC exam. The students said that they were not willing to take the test and go to school during the coronary period and until the coronavirus vaccine arrived. Their lives are much more valuable than board exams. So they have demanded the government to give them auto promotion like HSC.

Meanwhile, the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee Chairman and Chairman of the Dhaka Education Board, Prof. Md. Confirmed to The Daily Campus that no change, cancellation or auto-promotion of the SSC examination has been considered yet. Ziaul Haque.

Today, Tuesday, he said, the SSC exams were starting in February every year as per the schedule. Coronavirus is still in its infancy this year. Whether the time before the SSC exam will change – so far nothing has been thought about it. He said the authorities would clarify the matter in due course.

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