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April 21, 2021, 4:57 pm

8 demands of 2 million concerned students of SSC

  • Update Time : Tuesday, November 10, 2020
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All educational institutions in the country have been closed since March this year due to the Corona epidemic. It was not possible to take class-examination at this time. The next year (2021) SSC exam will be taken recently, said the Minister of Education. Dipu Moni advised the students to be fully prepared.

However, no instructions have been given on how the examination will be conducted, whether the syllabus will be reduced or whether the time will be extended. The Ministry of Education and the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) are still in the early stages of planning. As a result, about 20 lakh students of SSC and equivalent in 2021 are in a state of anxiety.

It is known that in 2021, there are about 20 lakh SSC and equivalent candidates. These students are away from class-examinations for almost the whole year. As per the rules, SSC and equivalent examinations are scheduled to be held in February next year. But after being away from class-exams for about 9 months, 2 million teenagers are under a lot of stress due to the announcement of exam preparation in just 3 months.

Talking about the matter, the former head of the psychiatry department of the Dhaka Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Brigadier General Prof. Md. “There are two types of issues here,” Azizul Islam told Time News. On the one hand, if the test time is not like, there will be session jam. On the other hand, taking exams with a short time will put a huge burden on the students. Stress can have some consequences. For example, performance may be poor, motivation may be reduced, dropout may occur. Many people may not take the test this time for fear. As a result of these stressors, many people start taking drugs. Therefore, we have to take a decision after considering all the issues. It is best to take the test with the time you need to study. ‘

Students who are deprived of class-examination also want to take part in the examination at the cost of loss. For this, they have opened groups on social media like ‘SSC Batch 2021’, ‘I want compensation for SSC’ 21 batch ‘,’ No SSC in Corona ‘. These groups have about 6 lakh members.

When contacted by Time News, the admins and general members of the groups said they wanted to take the test. But it is not possible to give the test in three months of preparation. That is why they have raised six demands.

Demands include that physical examinations cannot be conducted until the coronavirus vaccine has arrived, that the test date should be announced with a reasonable time, such as completing the syllabus to take the test, that the syllabus should be shortened at least three months in advance Ensuring the health and safety of every student, stop charging all fees at the school till an official announcement is made and give autopass based on the results of PSC and JSC examinations if it is not possible to take the examination.

Birganj Pilot Government High School student Samir Al Nahyan Hridam said, ‘How can a person complete a 6-month syllabus in 2 months? On behalf of all, I am requesting the Hon’ble Minister of Education to explain how we can take the HSC ’20 batch examination where we got autopass even though we got more than 6 months.

Talking to the students about these demands, Puspita Disha, a student at Pangsha Pilot Girls High School, said, “We need to be given time so that we don’t have to worry about exams. Again, we should not be put at health risk. ‘

Nur Hasnat Prant, a student of Mauna branch of Shaheen School, said, “We have lost 6 months due to Corona. If the test is taken then we have to reduce the syllabus, increase the time and make the test easier. ‘

Tahmid Ibne Mofazzal, a student at Dhanmondi Government Boys High School, said, ‘We could not do our studies normally in Corona. That is why the examination should be postponed. ‘ Maruf Tasnim, a student at Golakandail Mujibur Rahman Bhuiyan High School in Narayanganj, said, “If our SSC exams are postponed for six months, there will be session clutter.” It will waste a year from our lives. So let us be given autopass. ‘

Utsa Bakshi, a student at Banani Vidyaniketan School and College, said, “We are in no way willing to take the test and go to school during the corona and until the corona vaccine arrives.” If we are given 6 months compensation, we will give SSC exam. Mymensingh Zilla School student Prahor Ashfaq said, ‘It is impossible to complete 6 months of study in 2 months. And the 2nd wave of Corona is coming. As a result, our lives are in danger. Autops should also be given to the SSC candidates of 2021 for humanitarian reasons. ‘

Pal Chandra Das, a student of Faridpur Zilla School, said, “The Hon’ble Education Minister has vaguely said a few days ago that educational institutions should be opened and SSC 2021 should be taken on time.” As a result many students are going to study privately at the risk of their lives. This increases the risk of corona infection. Therefore, the position of the Ministry of Education regarding SSC 2021 should be clarified soon. ‘

If the students want to know about the concerns of the principal of Motijheel Ideal School and College. Shahanara Begum told Samay News that the form of ‘SSC’ has not been filled yet. After that there are several processes including test testing. You have to give routine a month ago. Time is short. I think the government will also take into account the stress of the students. But now nothing can be said for sure. The government will take a decision after understanding the situation. Dhaka Board Chairman Prof Ziaul Haque asked if there would be extra pressure on students if the exams were announced in a short time.

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