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Shuvlong in search of springs and mountain life Shuvlong in search of springs and mountain life – FcNewz
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July 27, 2021, 12:34 pm

Shuvlong in search of springs and mountain life

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In the morning I reached the bus station of Rangamati reserve market. Then I had an instant breakfast. I rented CNG and went to the last end of Tabalchhari tourist motel, just in front of the hanging bridge. You have to buy a ticket for 20 rupees. This hanging bridge is the symbol of Rangamati. The small bridge bridges the hills on either side of Kaptai Lake. There are various rides around the bridge. Boat trips.

From here you can hire a trawler or speedboat to visit Shuvlong Jharna, Army and Ansar Camp. You can also go to different floating hotels. After staying here for an hour, I went to the main city. Small markets of the tribes along the Rangamati-Chittagong road. Bengalis and hill tribes are shopping for various fruits and essentials. Great harmony Bangladesh!

I saw the palace nearby. There is a ban on entering. At around 11 o’clock I left for the launch ghat of the reserve market in CNG. 12 rupees rent. The launch ghat is about 500 yards down. I contracted a small trawler for 6-7 hours from the launch dock for 1600 rupees. The most exciting boat tour on Kaptai Lake started. Travel to the country’s largest and one of the largest artificial lakes in the world! The stalks of thrill matched. All four are thrilled.

A few minutes after the launch dock, I think I came across a huge sea. Thick water all around. Small island a little further away. Going a little farther, the mountain walls. Small nests in the crevices of the hills. We are moving forward with four small trawlers to enjoy the beauty. Fishermen fishing scene and different birds flying over the head, what a beautiful! Ah, what a sight! And after going some distance, I saw a golden statue. The boatman said, this is the Golden Temple. I went down. I saw. I also talked to the tribes.

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