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April 22, 2021, 12:33 am

Imprisonment of Hong Kong’s top pro-democracy leaders

The BBC reports that Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam, the top pro-democracy leaders in China’s semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong, have been jailed for their involvement in last read more

Shuvlong in search of springs and mountain life

In the morning I reached the bus station of Rangamati reserve market. Then I had an instant breakfast. I rented CNG and went to the last end of Tabalchhari tourist motel, just

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WhatsApp messages will be deleted within 7 days

New feature on WhatsApp from Sunday (November 22) night – ‘disappearing messages’. Facebook came up with this feature for Indians. This feature can be used on Android, iOS, desktop, KaiOS and web.

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India banned 43 apps again

The Indian government has banned a total of 43 mobile apps, fearing that India’s ‘sovereignty and security’ could be compromised. Incidentally, most of the apps that have been banned are Chinese

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Remember Munir Chowdhury in Google Doodle on his birthday

Today is November 26, the birthday of intellectual Professor Munir Chowdhury. Popular search engine Google has published a doodle in honor of him on this occasion. Intellectual Professor Munir Chowdhury was

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