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July 27, 2021, 1:18 pm

high school annual exams cheers some, but worries remain

Asif Robin, a class seven student of Kaoraid KN High School in Gazipur’s Sreepur, was ecstatic when he heard that he won’t be required to take the annual exam this read more

What the President of the Inter-Education Board said about the SSC examination

Due to the corona outbreak, all educational institutions in the country have been closed since mid-March this year. The HSC exam has also been canceled. However, the SSC exam will

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8 demands of 2 million concerned students of SSC

All educational institutions in the country have been closed since March this year due to the Corona epidemic. It was not possible to take class-examination at this time. The next

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The policy for making HSC results is being published by December 25

It is learned that policies are being formulated to produce HSC-equivalent results. In the light of that policy, the results will be released by December 25. Work has already begun

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Claim the result of SSC on the basis of PSC-JSC

This year’s SSC candidates have announced a nationwide human chain and demonstration program on Friday (November 13) to demand that the school not be reopened until the coroner’s vaccine arrives,

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